Here is an overview of the 30 best estate liquidation questions to ask an estate liquidator, these are some of the best questions I have been asked by executors, realtor’s and attorneys.

Estate Liquidation questions you might want to ask yourself:

1. What would the decedent want?
2. What does the family want?
3. There are conflicts, how do I address them?
4. What are the first 3 things I should do?
5. How do I find an estate liquidation company in my area?

Tips: At this point refrain from the natural impulse you may have to begin throwing things away.

Thoughts: Some family members will attempt to work out with death what they could not work out in life, so go as easy as you possibly can with your co-heirs.

Phone interview estate liquidation questions to ask:

1. What is your companies set-up and estate sales fees? Are there any debris removal cost? What are your lead time requirements, do you have room on your schedule?
2. How long have you been in the estate liquidation business?
3. What is important to you about your service?
4. How many estate sales a month does your company conduct?
5. What is one of your biggest success stories?

Tips: Ask them if they are insured and licensed, or if they belong to any associations?

Thoughts: You want to find a company that you like, one that you can trust, and one that has a history of providing their clients with excellent estate liquidation services.

Estate liquidation questions to ask: The Interview, and things to notice:

1. Are they well groomed, professional, and courteous? Are they informative and patient answering your questions?
2. How long will the estate liquidation process take? What will be their procedures?
3. Do they take time answering your questions? Do they seem knowledgeable?
4. What sort of security do they provide? How many people will they use to staff your estate sale?
5. How do they handle high value items? Do they send them to an auction, or sell them through estate sales?

Tips: Before the estate liquidator arrives separate the estates valuable items and remember to point them out during their visit. Notice if they seem enthusiastic, clear, and respectful.

Thoughts: People are not their possessions, retain from the estate what is important to retain either emotionally or because it is stipulated in the will – remember once an item is sold it will be difficult or next to impossible to have it returned.

Post sale estate liquidation questions:

1. How does your firm account for each estate sales item sold?
2. Do you provide a written item by item post sale inventory?
3. How long do you take to reconcile your books and send a check to the estate?
4. What do you do with the estate sale remainders? Do you donate them to charity, if so, do you provide a written valuation and a receipt?
5. Does your company leave the house broom clean?

Tips: Ask for a sample copy of a past estate sales inventory sheet.

Thoughts: If they seem unclear in their answers or if they are impatient, this may be an indication that should a problem occur, it could be difficult to resolve.

Ten other estate liquidation questions:

1. Do they buy items from the estate, and if so, how do they valuate the items they purchase.
2. Are their purchases transparent – in other words do they let you know that they have purchased items from the estate?
3. Do they charge a commission on the items they’ve purchased?
4. How do they handle any cash found in the house?
5. Do they conduct preview sales for dealers?
6. How do they advertise their estate sales?
7. Do they bring in items from outside the house, and if so, what is their system for accounting for the sale of their companies items?
8. How long will the whole estate liquidation process take from start to finish?
9. How did they get in the estate liquidation business?
10. Ask them this question: Are there any questions I have left unasked?

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